The Why

She is the what!

About Michelle

The slogan for The Aziza Work Group is “We are the Why.” Michelle is the what!

She is the bones and the blood of Public Relations, realizing this long before acquiring a degree in PR at the University of Toledo. Upon matriculating, Watts fleshed out positions at Essence Communications where she worked with the top names in Entertainment while studying under the tutelage of cultural icon Susan Taylor and learning the practices of PR, The Mayor’s Office of Communications – the City of Cleveland where she acquired fearless mastery of the art & Universal/ Def Jam under the direction of Shawn (Jay-Z) Carter where she triumphed in the risk and rewards of the work; establishing herself as an industry leader.

In 2012 the recognition of her talents demanded she open her own Public Relations practice. The Aziza Work Group launched in Los Angeles with such force that within three years her clients in the world of Comedy alone; included but were not limited to: Kevin Hart, Mike Epps, Lil Rel Howery (GET OUT), Deon Cole (black-ish), HaHa Davis, Chris Redd (SNL) & DeRay Davis (Snowfall.) The Aziza Work Group specializes in PR across multiple industries such as; film, fine arts, television, technology, major events, education, sports, law, children’s toys, and music. T.A.W.G. is a phenomenon with a roster that rivals any! Their business motto is “it’s all about the work.” Hers is a specific brand of PR rooted in a cultural knowing and a truth told by few but which resonates with all. She now owns and operates the only all-Black PR Agency that can boast a client in TWO Oscar-nominated Best Picture films, the cultural phenomenon of GET OUT, the global monster of BIRDBOX, the explosive relaunch of the iconic behemoth EBONY & JET, and the only boutique agency of any color that can tout this, as well! And, that is not all.

Watts has been a featured speaker for the premiere organization Ad Color, The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences & BPRSLA. Hers is a fearless approach! This recently selected 2020 Power Broker breathes Black culture and when Watts isn’t working, she is pursuing global adventure and God’s purpose for her life. Michelle currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.  

As Leland Wigington, Kevin Hart’s business manager always states, “Michelle is the reason so many stars shine.”

We're all about the work!

About us.

The Aziza Work Group is a PR + agency based in Los Angeles.

Our intrepid leader Michelle Watts has over twenty years in the industry.

She is PEERLESS! Clients call Watts “the trapeze,” as a result of her level of agility, influence, reach & movement in the tightly woven world of Media & Entertainment.

Currently, we handle press & special projects for the most notable names in Music, Media, Law, Film, Television & Children’s Toys.

Our esteemed relationships with International brands, National cultural institutions, television networks, Event Managers, Music, Film, Convention Sporting & Festival event Executives reap extraordinary benefits for our clients. We bring deep cultural connections and understanding of the media zeitgeist to create positive high impact measurable exposure across multi-platforms that include television, radio, print & new media.

Our brand of PR boosts the client’s bottom line!

The Aziza Work Group expertly executes the following; News generation, global communications strategy and implementation, global toolkits and campaign roll-out, Brand repositioning, Partnerships & collaborations, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorship exploitation, Brand ambassador management, Influencer Relations, On – Offline media, and digital, In-house PR support.

We understand the rules of PR and how to break them.

We are the Why!

Our services.

News Generation

Over our tenure, we have secured press coverage in every top media publication in the country, including digital outlets. Those rewarding relationships are thriving and ongoing.

Global Communications Strategy & Implementation

We singularly crafted and steered the explosive relaunch of the iconic media cultural titan Ebony & Jet.

Global Tool-Kits & Campaign Roll-Out

We’ve managed campaigns for Oscar-winning “Get Out”, the global phenomenon “Bird Box”, Oscar-nominated “Judas & The Black Messiah”, runaway hit “Bad Trip”, nearly a billion hits for Kevin Hart’s “Hartbeat Weekend”.

Brand Repositioning

We have catapulted the 75-year-old EBONY brand into topical cultural conversations, current media platforms, engaging social ideations, and into today’s journalistic forces.

Partnerships & Collaborations

We’ve partnered with AFLAC, Complex, NBA, NCAA, NFL, AXE, and more!

Affiliate Marketing


Sponsorship Exploitation

LEVERAGE. We productively utilize every promotional avenue available to gain recognition in association with the sponsored entity.

Brand Ambassador Management

We understand the value of making the abstract concrete. The goal is to make a brand come to life so that it quickly seeps into the hearts and minds of its audience.

Influencer Relations

We represent some of the biggest influencers on multiple social platforms. We have mastered the art of maximization and monetization.

On – Offline Media

We have a stronghold on traditional media: Television, Radio & Print

Digital In-House PR Support

We’re In Da House!

Crisis Management

We can’t tell you or we’d have to kill you. Just know, “IT. WAS. HANDLED!”

"The Aziza Work Group not only knows what's happening now, they create what happens next. Michelle Watts takes our work and blends it into the culture so it's a necessary conversation. She is the link to our audience. That's what PR means; that's what the Aziza Work Group does!!"
Donte Mills
Partner, Mills & Edwards, LLP