We Grew Here | We Give Here

"The Give Back"

The Award-Winning Law Offices of Mills & Edwards teamed with Mayor Jim Kenney & The City of Philadelphia for their Inaugural Event: “We Grew In Philly, We Give in Philly”

This event brought together the city of Philadelphia and a legion of its leaders in an effort to promote the beauty of what's produced here. Philly native and event creator Attorney Donte Mills stated "It's time to take our communities back. We start by cleaning the street and follow up by showing that you can be successful no matter where you come from. I grew there, and as one of the top attorney's in the country I am obligated to give there and inspire the next success stories." Mayor Kenney applauded Mills as one of Philly’s finest and offered his support to the project adding “I commend Mr. Mills for being a leader and champion for his community.” We proudly positioned Philly and Philly's finest at this event.